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BCI has participated in the “Regional Workshop on Blockchain & Emerging Technologiesfor Trade Competitiveness” at UNCC, Bangkok on 4 June 2024

This event is organized as a part of the Paperless Trade Week 2024, led by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). The session shared resources and good practices for utilizing Blockchain & Emerging Technologies for Trade Competitiveness. Insights and lessons learned from these good practices lead to discussions on identifying challenges and recommendations on the effective use of blockchain and emerging Technologies, especially in the context of building upon the ongoing efforts in trade digitalization.


Wirawit Hunwongkodwichian Senior Vice President of BCI (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as a guest speaker shared their experience in building a blockchain community in collaboration with banks and government agencies in bringing the letter of guarantee. Also, the experiences of building a blockchain community to expand to other projects.


And He said “None of these successes would be possible without a strong community. Throughout our experience of implementing the blockchain network, we have learned that the most important thing is not the technology itself. We need strong collaboration to be successful, doing things with empathy, understanding their pain points and designing solutions to meet their needs is key to success and building a strong community with great communication to ensure sustainable growth together.”



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