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Delivery Managing Officer

BCI (Thailand) - Full time - Bangkok, Thailand



  • Bachelor / Master's degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science or related field

  • Knowledge of blockchain technology would be an advantage

  • Knowledge of financial in banking industry would be an advantage

  • Knowledge of cloud operation such as servers, storage, network, database, distributed applications, cloud security, Docker, Kubernetes, PaaS, and SaaS would be the key advantage

  • Familiar with software development life cycle

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Planning and organizing skills

Work location

  • Chamchuri Square Building (Bangkok)
    Bus  4 21 29 34 36 40 45 46 47 50 93 109 113 163A 72 501 529 542
    MRT: Samyan station

  • At a team level, working with stakeholders in the Product and Technology organizations to establish priorities, define activities to ensure continuous delivery of product value

  • Defining and documenting project scope and resource requirements

  • Prepares for and facilitates release planning with teams as appropriate

  • Defining and managing priorities against the available capacity of team members

  • Facilitating and leading daily ‘stand up’ meetings

  • Negotiating with internal and external stakeholders

  • Managing a cross–disciplinary team

  • Encouraging regular iteration on deliverables

  • Ensuring the regular delivery of projects and products in accordance

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